How does it work?

Leadership, redefined - 36 weeks, 3 phases, 12 weeks at the time, 1 weekly theme, 1 challenge a day.

There are three journals: 
Part 1: Clarity: Know who you are and what you stand for as a leader.
Part 2: Connection: Build authentic relationships. Excel in communication, empathy, and trust.
Part 3: Impact: Drive change. Inspire growth. Achieve meaningful results.

Part 1 is out now for you to start your journey! 

Each and every week has a theme and each theme has six daily prompts. At the end of the week, there is one weekly challenge related to that week's theme. We suggest you go from Monday to Sunday, taking a little longer time on the weekly challenge. Ideally, you would do the weekly themes in the order that they come and complete the daily challenge every day for the best results but feel free to complete the tasks at a faster pace or if you skip a day or two just go ahead and complete them the next time you open the journal.  

Each day has a morning and evening section. The morning section has an inspirational quote to get you going and the daily prompt as well as a quick check on your daily mood and goals. Make a habit of completing these in the morning. The evening section is meant to reflect on your day and your feelings about the prompt you were given for the day.


Take a sneak peek

Try it before you buy it. Download a sample of one week in the journal.